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Why we are running instead of sleeping?

6 years ago
Posted by Warren Mauger
Philip and Warren with Robert Young at Guernsey Marathon
Philip and Warren with Marathon Man Robert Young


A few months ago a good friend and I were lucky enough to complete what was a big challenge for both of us by running 7 marathons in 7 days in Guernsey. The challenge was beyond anything we could have imagined in so many ways.

The Guernsey community was amazing in helping raise almost £23,000 for two charities, This is EPIC and The Hub.

Philip and I weren’t prepared for the dramatic impact doing this would have on our lives. This will evolve into firm action in the coming months and years.

We were fortunate to meet an amazing man on this journey. Robert Young is aiming to break the world record for the number of marathons run in one year!!!

This is a phenomenal challenge but when you hear his story and why he is doing it you will understand why. Make sure you have a tissue to hand.

What is amazing is not only how Robert has turned his life around but how he has gone further and through this challenge raising money but also engaging with people and inspiring them to be better people themselves.

In the early hours of Friday 5th December (2am) Philip and I, along with around 30 other runners, will run a marathon (13 doing it all, 17 joining along the way) to stand shoulder to shoulder with Robert in support of his efforts.

We are running at this time because in order to fit in with his job and family this is when Robert has been running the majority of his marathons.

If you are touched and inspired by this like we both were and can spare any change before the Christmas presents are all bought you can donate at the link below.

Donations will be spilt 50:50 between Robert’s cause and This is EPIC which helps to end poverty in the most extreme places through village savings and loans.

Thanks for reading and I hope on some level you find it inspiring.