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Going Global in a Digital World

6 years ago
Posted by Spike Admin

Following yesterday’s IOD Jersey interview with Simon Brown, digital technology consultant, here is his full presentation on ‘Going Global in a Digital World’.

Simon believes the States of Jersey are playing catch up when it comes to e-Gov and cites digital transport technologies as one area where Jersey can improve. Government should embark on fact finding missions oversees to establish what technologies already exist rather than re-invent the wheel.

When it comes to education, Simon suggests coding is not the be-all and end-all. the vast array of digital technology opportunities needs to be communicated to island youngsters.

In summary he says barriers to entry really do not exist when it comes to the internet and Jersey’s conservative culture needs to shift inorder to create a vibrant technology community.

Simon gave his view of Jersey’s digital sector at IoD Jersey’s January lunch.

Jersey’s too conservative to enable a vibrant tech community

6 years ago
Posted by Spike Admin

Going global in a digital world‘.

Simon Brown, digital technology consultant, author and guest speaker at IoD Jersey’s January lunch  gave his view of Jersey’s digital sector.

Simon lectures on the European and international stage and says many countries have not even heard of Jersey in the context of the digital economy.

He adds Channel Island companies engaged in the IT sector need to realise that there is a global market and set their sights further afield.

Simon believes the States of Jersey are playing catch up when it comes to e-Gov and cites digital transport technologies as one area where Jersey can improve. Government should embark on fact finding missions oversees to establish what technologies already exist rather than re-invent the wheel.

When it comes to education, Simon suggests coding is not the be-all and end-all. the vast array of digital technology opportunities needs to be communicated to island youngsters.

In summary he says barriers to entry really do not exist when it comes to the internet and Jersey’s conservative culture needs to shift inorder to create a vibrant technology community.

Simon lives in Jersey (the largest of the Channel Islands) and works as an independent consultant, helping teams to build better software. His client list spans over 20 countries and includes organisations ranging from small technology startups through to global household names.

Directors note:

Electronic News-Gathering, Video News Release for Institute of Directors!

At this month’s recent IOD Jersey lunch, Spike was asked to film the guest speaker,  Simon Brown and follow up with an interview with him for the web.

Using our journalistic pedigree we conducted a short topical interview with the digital technology consultant to gather his view of Jersey’s digital sector.

Simon’s long format presentation is also being made available online but the fast-turnaround interview was made uploaded immediately after the event.

Social media channels, Twitter and LinkedIn groups are being employed to drive people to watch the content, meanwhile, the film has also been brought to the attention of online magazine editors for inclusion in their pages.


Video Marketing Tips

6 years ago
Posted by Warren Mauger

Its been said over and over again that Video is the most engaging media but businesses need to understand the basics of using this format to get the most value out of it. Done well Video can create great ROI but done wrong it can be counter productive.

One of the biggest mistakes we see is that businesses feel they need to be selling what they do. No one will sit through a video where they are being sold to.

Visitors will come for interesting content, something that educates or informs or just makes them laugh.

You Tube is streaming four billion videos every 24 hours and 60 hours of content is added every minute. A recent article for The Marketer magazine quotes Cisco predicting video accounting for 70% of internet traffic by 2017. So businesses need to get on board with it.

Where we see great results from Video are in explaining how a product or software works and explaining complex ideas. To do this this in text would take pages and pages but video can get the message across in a memorable engaging way in just a few minutes.

When we speak with clients about using video we talk about publishing rather than promotion. Ultimately you want people to engage with your brand and come to your website. If you website is the hub of your communications the all communications including video should be pulling visitors back to your site.

A good example where a client has done this is Guernsey estate agents Swoffers. They produce monthly content all around property, from DIY tips, interior design trend and a look around some of the Islands amazing homes. At no point are they trying to sell a house. As a result they have driven tens of thousands back to their site because of the videos and have engaged with their target audience every month in a very positive way.


The big barrier to using video has usually been budget and resource, but now videos can cost just a few hundred pounds each if thought through and some clever companies are producing a lot of timeless content all in a day or so then drip feeding it onto their sites over many months


So you have your video, you know need people to watch it. Don’t think you can just put it on You Tube and they will come flocking to your latest blockbuster. You need to tell people about it. Don’t hide your production away deep in your website. Email your database, tweet out a link add it to linked in, even link through from banner ads if it is really useful content. Your video is a reason to get people to come back to you. Don’t ignore it. You can always re send at a later date as well you don’t have to only send it out once.

The last thing you need to be able to do is demonstrate that your video has been successful. There are a range of metrics that can be used for this from click through rates, views, channel subscriptions, re tweets and shares.  There are also softer measurements such as the amount of feedback received, sentiment or ultimately direct leads.

MUG – Gazza and Vinnie Jones re-make

6 years ago
Posted by Warren Mauger
MUG censored

This was potentially one of the most uncomfortable assignments I had undertaken, Last year Simon Boucher Harris from Renegade photography and I had the pleasure of encouraging a number of sportsmen out of their clothes and in front of the camera. We had never worked with naked men before and were both a bit apprehensive, and if we are honest quite awkward. It took a while for me to encourage Simon to look through the lens when taking the photos!!

By the time we came to work with the last two guys, footballers Jason Winch and Ryan Zico Black, we were getting a bit cock sure of ourselves (ahem). After taking the standard individual shots of the ball discreetly placed to protect their modesty we wanted to try something different and a bit more risky. We showed them the 1988 image of Gazza and Vinny Jones and waited for the reaction, we were expecting them to tell us where to put the camera but both were fully behind the idea and up for the challenge.

Watching from the sidelines was Zico’s pregnant fiancé who was getting the best view of all and seemed to be enjoying the experience a bit too much!

After quite a bit of banter and some interesting direction,  we got a selection of shots and the boys reluctantly put their clothes back on. We think that Zico is actually grinning more than grimacing but its hard to tell!

Whilst the shoot could be a bit controversial and not to everyone’s liking its meant to stand out. The aim is to highlight the issue of testicular cancer and make it easier for young men, especially teenagers, to talk about it and feel comfortable checking themselves. The whole campaign uses high profile local sportsmen, if it saves one persons life then the awkward moments and slightly risqué shoot will have been more than worth it.

This is one of the most worthwhile campaigns we have been part of and have enjoyed every minute. A lot of respect goes to all the sportsmen who took part, even those who only asked after the shoot what it was for!!

Take a look at the engaging and informative film about testicular cancer at www.mug.gg

Spike builds an entire town!

6 years ago
Posted by Spike Admin

Man In Square (Working title!)

Last year, Skipton International asked us to produce a suite of television commercials to promote their services here in the Channel Islands. We came up with the concept of building an entire town, the town of Skipton, in a 3D environment.

We constructed a modernised Camberwick Green, or Trumpton style village but with a seaside feel, and linked it with Skipton International’s main origami style of branding. We then populated it with 3D animated characters going about their daily lives.

Alex, who produced the commercials, picks up the story:

‘We initially constructed the village from cardboard to get an idea of how it would work and also to illustrate the concept to the client, this was actually great fun and worked really well (we can’t bear to throw it out!).

Town mock up

Then we went through a series of refinements and various storyboards until we’d built up the town itself. Meanwhile we worked on a few different styles of character design before choosing one we all liked, wire-framed it and built our ‘people’ to feature throughout the world. Details like the origami pigeons and the statue in the square came afterwards and really added depth to the environment, we’re really pleased with the end result’.

Skipton International are currently running the commercials on ITV Channel Television and we’ll be seeing more mini stories from the town very soon.

Happy Christmas

6 years ago
Posted by Warren Mauger

Working with our clients everyday is like Christmas for all of us. Thanks to everyone for their support and all the films you have given us to make this year, we have had a blast and hope you have too. We look forward to working with you again next year.




Xmas Pop-Up

6 years ago
Posted by Spike Admin

Spike this year have gotten into the festive spirit and are offering free video Christmas cards to St Helier shoppers this week on Thursday and Friday lunchtimes between midday and 2pm.

Based between the corner of BHS and Accessorize, the Spike team are happily filming short Christmas video greetings for busy shoppers in return for donations to the Jersey Christmas Appeal.

If you have family here, there or anywhere that you won’t (or even will) be seeing this Christmas, this is a perfect way to send them a professionally filmed Christmas message and add some festive filmic fun.

It couldn’t be simpler, you decide what you want to say, pick a background and deliver your message straight to the camera. Spike takes care of the rest!

You will be sent a link to your clip on YouTube that you can then embed, blog, post, like, share tweet etc… The Spike guys are collecting on behalf of the Jersey Christmas Appeal whilst bringing a little bit of tinsel town to the high street.

“We have this great Pop-up studio that can literally go anywhere and give people the chance to film any message they want, so we thought why not give St Helier shoppers the chance to star in their own online video Christmas greeting. We had a great result on our first day with families, rugby players, visitors and our own Aussie expat Tom jumping in front of the lens. As well as giving our time and services for free we have teamed up with the Jersey Christmas Appeal to help raise funds for local charities. None of this would be possible without the support of Constable Simon Crowcroft and other parish officials who have been very receptive to the idea.”

Jersey vs Guernsey in the Highlands College Culinary Muratti

6 years ago
Posted by Spike Admin

Cooking programmes are all the rage on the telly at the moment and this year we were lucky enough to film the Culinary Muratti at Highlands College which saw Chefs from Jersey and Guernsey battling it out over two days back in October.

Now in its second year, the Craft Guild of Chefs’ Inter Islands Challenge takes place in the newly refurbished kitchens at the College’s Academy of Culinary Arts in Jersey.

Each team created a five course menu with canapés, from a mystery basket of items donated by local suppliers, with 24 hours to produce their winning menu.

The winner took home the Peter Querée trophy, named after the former head of catering at Highlands College Jersey who sadly passed away last year. Peter had many links with both islands and was a longstanding Craft Guild member.

The teams were faced with a judging panel of top London chefs: Henri Brosi, executive chef at The Dorchester; Paul Gayler, executive chef at the Lanesborough Hotel; and Andrew Bennett, executive chef and food and beverages manager at the Sheraton Park Lane Hotel. The winning team was announced at the second dinner on Tuesday, October 23 but you’ll have to watch the film to find out who won!

The annual event will continue to bring together chefs of all ages and abilities while the long standing friendly rivalry between Jersey and Guernsey adds a bit of spice to the evenings.

The Craft Guild of Chefs in Jersey is always on the lookout for local businesses that would like to get involved. For further information, email: Eileen.Buicke-Kelly@highlands.ac.uk

Jersey vs Guernsey – Culinary Muratti

Spike and Orchard PR combine to offer online video service

6 years ago
Posted by Warren Mauger

Spike Productions has launched a ‘pop-up TV studio’ that opens up the world of video to businesses who want to embrace the growing trend for using online media as part of corporate communications activity.

Recognising the need for affordable and efficient video communications Spike can now deliver simple and effective fast-turn around green-screen productions on location or at their town centre offices in Guernsey and Jersey.

One agency backing the move is public relations consultancy Orchard PR. Managing director Steve Falla said it was increasingly important for Channel Island companies to use video to inform people about their business.

“Video is a perfect medium for presenting information online. It is engaging, gives you great control over your messages and is more likely to be passed on and shared than other forms of online content,” he said.

“Companies embracing video are at the forefront of setting the news agenda online and are reaching their target markets more effectively than through traditional channels alone.

“Our clients, like many businesses in the Channel Islands, have good messages to communicate. Video gives them the opportunity to demonstrate their expertise to a wide audience through their websites, social media, and through online news media.”

Spike managing director Warren Mauger said: “The aim is to provide an extremely fast turnaround, suited to a news cycle. We will be able to direct, shoot and edit a short interview or presentation and upload it to the internet within a few hours giving companies great flexibility and control over their content.”

Spike’s Jersey director Phil Bouchard said, “In six months’ time we will be celebrating ten years in business – and what a fast moving decade it’s been. Broadband didn’t exist back then and playing a video online seemed light years away. Our new Pop-Up or Pop-In Studio is the first of several new products we have up our sleeves. With our new studio service we can make high-quality films for businesses, fast.”