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Animation Film for IOD Guernsey Debate

2 years ago
Posted by Warren Mauger

IOD Guernsey debate event opening film from Spike Productions on Vimeo.

IOD Guernsey Animation Film

We were commissioned by the IOD to produce an animation that would grab the attention of the audience and set the tone for the event and debate that they were about to experience.

The events debate in the past had often been negative and the IOD team were trying to make this years more positive and upbeat.

How we made the film?

We decided that using animation gave us the ability to be more creative than a standard commercial film. Sub consciously the audience would have been expecting a positive start to the event. So to grab their attention we decided to start off very negative and looking at everything through a very negative lens.

We created a script that when read from the start would be all doom and gloom but when read backwards the same words made the story very positive. Its an idea we have seen before but challenging in terms of script writing and then executing visually.

One of the key details to get right is finding the right voice actor to deliver the script then combine this with the right music. There are many levels of voice over artist to work with. We needed to use a professionally trained actor as the delivery was vital to get right.

Back to the drawing board

We spent 4 days on the film before scrapping the direction it was taking and starting again. The speed of text scrolling was also tricky as the lines of text on screen had to be displayed in a way that worked going up and down. To create the right atmosphere we added sound effects to the animation. At the start thunder and rain effects to enhance the feeling of everything being bleak. This changed at the half way point of the animation to make things more positive and light.

You can judge the animation for yourselves. It was a challenge but we enjoyed tackling it and think it set the right mood for a lively evening of debate and looking into the future.

Filming with Sir Kenneth Branagh

3 years ago
Posted by Warren Mauger
Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 14.24.38
Screen Shot 2016-01-27 at 14.26.47

Going through our files this morning I realised it was four years ago yesterday (25th January 2012) that we had the pleasure of filming with actor, director, producer, and screenwriter Sir Kenneth Branagh.

It was awful weather and we were filming on the Pleinmont headland in Guernsey, at points we could barely keep the camera steady on the tripod. Myself (Warren Mauger) and our cameraman were fairly apprehensive of working with such an experienced and successful film maker but were put at ease straight away.

Our task was to film a number of pieces with Ken Branagh talking to the camera.

We only worked together for that morning and the footage was edited together for the film studios which they seemed to be happy with. Later that morning we were just finishing off and I was taking the mic off Sir Ken when he got the news that he was nominated for an Oscar for my week with Marilyn. Its probably the closest i’d get to an Oscar but i resisted the temptation to ruffle his hair and say “well done you”




Heather Watson when Serena was her Idol

3 years ago
Posted by Warren Mauger

Heather Watson, where it all began from Spike Productions on Vimeo.

Today Heather Watson will walk out on court to face world number one and one of the greatest players of all time. This journey started around ten years ago when at the age of eleven she left her home in Guernsey to swop the relaxed lifestyle and sandy beaches for the dedicated training regime at the Nick Bollettieri tennis academy in Florida

We followed her on those first steps recording her thoughts on leaving her island home and in this short film she talks about how she wants to be like her hero Serena Williams. Today she will try and beat her.

Good Luck Heather

Warren Mauger shortlisted for three CIM Marketing awards

4 years ago
Posted by Spike Admin

Guernsey Awards For Achievement 2014 - Organised by The Guernsey Event Company

Hot off the back of winning the Healthspan excellence in marketing award at the Guernsey Awards for achievement, Warren Mauger and running partner Philip Smith have been short listed for no fewer than three CIM awards in the high profile Channel Island event.

The categories they are shortlisted in are;

  1. Best Brand Campaign
  2. Best Integrated Marketing Campaign
  3. Marketing achievement on a small budget

Warren Mauger said – “we are both blown away by being shortlisted. To be up alongside so many top company’s when we had almost no budget to work with is amazing”. It also shows with clever strategy in place you don’t need to throw money at every campaign.”

Unfortunately the pair can’t attend the ceremony as they are running a 32 mile cliff run starting the next morning which is part of their preparation for a 48 hour continuous run on treadmills later this year as they attempt to take on the World Record. They will be following it on Twitter though!!

Spike MD wins Marketing Award

4 years ago
Posted by Spike Admin

Warren Mauger, founder of Spike Productions, and more recently known for long distance running has won the coveted Healthspan Excellence in Marketing

Guernsey Awards For Achievement 2014 - Organised by The Guernsey Event Company

Award with running partner Philip Smith, for their campaign promoting the 7 marathons in 7 days challenge they took on in August 2014

The Judges were impressed with “how in a very short time the 7in7 brand has gained island-wide recognition and admiration through the clever use of Twitter and local public relations.”

The 7in7 Challenge, running seven marathons in seven days, was created to raise £20,000, split between two charities, which would change lives and raise awareness of those charities.

The challenge was to do something that would cut through the noise of a busy charity sector by doing something that had never been done in Guernsey before.

The strategy was to create awareness and momentum in the lead-up to the event and to transfer this into action during the week –  the main period in which we expected to raise funds.

This was achieved through the use of digital platforms, primarily Twitter, driving the campaign, supported by traditional marketing collateral such as posters, fliers and wristbands.

The event also engaged with the running community, many of whom participated and became ambassadors for the cause.

Early in the process we met with all the mainstream media to discuss how we could help them cover this effectively; this dialogue was essential in gaining widespread coverage, enabling us to get a significant cut-through rate.

The challenge succeeded by exceeding the fundraising target of £20,000, with over £2,000 of this total being handed directly to Philip and Warren as they ran.

The campaign had to be bold enough to capture the community’s imagination and to convert awareness into donations.  Using a highly integrated digital and traditional campaign, we were able to effectively engage all age ranges and demographics.

The strategy included:

  • • Social media
  • • Community engagement
  • • Blogging
  • • PR
  • • Poster sites.


End of Seafood Sunday treadmill marathon

End of Seafood Sunday treadmill marathon

We regularly updated social media whilst running the marathons and responded to those engaging with us. A GPS tracking platform enabled our progress to be tracked live.

Our Twitter stats from 11th-25th August included over 588,000 impressions, over 1000 interactions, 528 mentions and 499 retweets.

We sent out a blog regularly pre-event and daily during the event.

We engaged with the community running a marathon on treadmills during Seafront Sunday and using the OSA Pop-Up Shop. On both occasions we spoke to people about the Challenge and handed out branded collateral.

The relationship with the print and broadcast media was also essential. Prior to, and during, the event we received extensive coverage from:

  • • Island FM
  • • Guernsey Press
  • • BBC Radio
  • • CTV

The start and finish locations of all seven marathons were chosen to maximise exposure. Finishing with the Guernsey Marathon was also key in ensuring our event stood out in the community.

How-to Research for an Quiz

4 years ago
Posted by Spike Admin

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How to Write An Interest Phrase

4 years ago
Posted by Spike Admin

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10 steps to a #DigitalGreenhouse

4 years ago
Posted by Spike Admin


I thought about writing something that was very high brow and had lots of complicated intelligent sentences, but when it comes down to it in my mind its pretty simple. So for what its worth here goes my view.

Find a decent size room(s) to rent

Make it an attractive place to hang out, meet and work from

Put in bloody fast broadband – upload and download

Sweat the hell out of the space for education, training and events.

Engage with the business community and groups and make it a place for them to use

Don’t think too hard about what it will become, it will evolve so fast you wont know whats going on. What it is at the start will be very different in 2 years time.

Don’t obsess with it being better than Jersey. Its the people who will make it work not the fixtures and fittings etc.

Don’t let Civil Servants run it, (apologies to those i know and like 😉 ) they are not at the coal face and don’t operate in the same way as people at the coalface of business.

Just get on with it, we don’t need another year discussing what it will or wont be like.

Don’t spend a fortune at the outset just start and see where it goes, treat it as a lean startup not a flag waving exercise to get one up on another Island!

This is not totally idealistic but comes from experience of setting up things in the past and mistakes made as well as successes. One thing though is to keep an open communication with everyone using the free tools available – DIGITALLY




Glorious Guernsey

4 years ago
Posted by Warren Mauger

I was going through some archive films we have produced when i came across a film we made of Guernsey in the summer. I don’t think its ever been shown in public but as I sat shivering in my office it made me feel a bit warmer and looking forward to when in a few months the sun shines again and thermal verists make way for shorts and t shirts.

I Hope this warms you up on a cold day and a reminder of how awesome Guernsey is.

Marketing Award

4 years ago
Posted by Warren Mauger

marketing award


For the second year in a row Spike’s Warren Mauger has been shortlisted for the Guernsey Awards for achievement Marketing Award.

Along with Philip Smith, their 7 Marathons in 7 Days campaign is one of three up for the prestigious Guernsey Awards for Achievement Marketing prize. The strategy of the campaign was key to the success of the fundraising efforts and created community engagement resulting in more than £20,000 being raised for the chosen charities, The Hub and This is EPIC.

On finding out about their nomination, Warren said, “Philip and I are both excited to be shortlisted for this award. We worked hard at making this event a success and the marketing was key if we were to achieve our goal of changing lives.”

Philip added, “It’s amazing to be shortlisted for this award as in order to maximise the impact of the running we had to get the marketing spot on so people were fully engaged by the time we took our first steps.”

This was a fully integrated campaign including, PR, video, posters, and social media.

Last year Warren was part of the winning team behind male cancer charity MUG’s “Check your balls” campaign working with TPA and Sweet PR to create the strategy and with photographer Simon Boucher Harris to produce the striking photography for the adverts.

Warren acknowledged how the marketing landscape has changed, making it easier to make an impact: “What is pleasing is that we have been able to create campaigns that haven’t needed huge budgets but have really managed to connect with the audience”

What this proves to us at Spike is that the old way of doing things has now changed and it is possible to create stand-out campaigns that don’t break the bank. It also demonstrates that by being smart, smaller organisations can compete hard with cash rich businesses. Traditional agencies that have not kept up to speed are fading fast and new dynamic agencies are taking their place. It’s an exciting time to be involved in Marketing and finding fresh new ways of communicating without necessarily spending mega-bucks.

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