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Animation Film for IOD Guernsey Debate

2 years ago
Posted by Warren Mauger

IOD Guernsey debate event opening film from Spike Productions on Vimeo.

IOD Guernsey Animation Film

We were commissioned by the IOD to produce an animation that would grab the attention of the audience and set the tone for the event and debate that they were about to experience.

The events debate in the past had often been negative and the IOD team were trying to make this years more positive and upbeat.

How we made the film?

We decided that using animation gave us the ability to be more creative than a standard commercial film. Sub consciously the audience would have been expecting a positive start to the event. So to grab their attention we decided to start off very negative and looking at everything through a very negative lens.

We created a script that when read from the start would be all doom and gloom but when read backwards the same words made the story very positive. Its an idea we have seen before but challenging in terms of script writing and then executing visually.

One of the key details to get right is finding the right voice actor to deliver the script then combine this with the right music. There are many levels of voice over artist to work with. We needed to use a professionally trained actor as the delivery was vital to get right.

Back to the drawing board

We spent 4 days on the film before scrapping the direction it was taking and starting again. The speed of text scrolling was also tricky as the lines of text on screen had to be displayed in a way that worked going up and down. To create the right atmosphere we added sound effects to the animation. At the start thunder and rain effects to enhance the feeling of everything being bleak. This changed at the half way point of the animation to make things more positive and light.

You can judge the animation for yourselves. It was a challenge but we enjoyed tackling it and think it set the right mood for a lively evening of debate and looking into the future.